Security and Intelligence

Years of experience, professional experts, and a holistic approach to supporting Security and Intelligence

Intrepid’s expertise in Security and Intelligence affords our customers a unique suite of interdependent capabilities that few service providers can holistically deliver. We provide a cadre of the best security and intelligence professionals handpicked from the U.S. Intelligence Community, Special Operations Forces, and homeland security environments. Our career  professionals have decades of real-world experience whose corporate focus is to support the missions of the U.S. Intelligence Community, Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Special Operations Command, and law enforcement community with a first-hand understanding of the emerging conventional, asymmetric, and hybrid threats to customer businesses or enterprises. Our subject matter experts will manage risk within budgetary constraints and achieve maximum results. Intrepid understands the importance of making intelligence-driven decisions when protecting critical assets or enabling operations in permissive and non-permissive security environments.

National Security

Experience and Expertise

  • Intelligence Analysis and Support Services
  • Security Operations and Program Management
  • Surveillance and Reconnaissance Operations Support
  • Security Operations Management
  • Intelligence Program Support
  • Supply Chain Risk Management
  • Threat and Vulnerability Analysis
  • Special Event Security Planning and Management


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$1 billion+

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