Analysis and expertise for any system of any size

Programmatics supports the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) lifecycle requirements and provides insight into current system limitations and capabilities, potential enhancements, and assessment of overall system design efforts and performance. We are experts in supporting legacy and current systems and are blazing trails for Enterprise Business Systems (EBS) Modernization. We provide identification, refinement, and analysis of financial information system requirements, support to system implementation activities, recommendations for business process improvements, and strategic support to implement re-engineering plans and functional training support.


Experience and Expertise

  • Programmatic and Business Initiatives
  • Business Process Reengineering
  • Financial Management Analysis
  • Program/Project Analysis and Assessment
  • Engineering and Analysis Support
  • Enterprise Business Systems (EBS)
  • Enterprise Sustainment and Enhancement
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • Design Assessments
  • Change Management
  • Audit Readiness
  • Testing Support
  • Functional Training Support
  • Strategic Planning/Execution Support Services
  • Governance
  • Functional System Support
  • End-User Support/Assistance
  • Enterprise Performance Measurement and Monitoring
  • Strategic Communications
  • Information Computer Support
  • Business Intelligence (BI)/Information Technology (IT) Analytical


Task Orders

$1 billion+

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